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I’m back in the US now, after living abroad in South Korea for two years and in Japan for three years, and am going to try something different and write about my experiences… Continue reading

Seoul Walk 1

I love my walks around Seoul, and have the most interesting encounters on them. Today I stopped at an intersection to take a picture of a random church, and waiting for the light… Continue reading


Jeonju City, in Jeollabukdo Province, is a city of some 600,000. Known for the rice, veggie and meat dish bibimbap and for its beautiful traditional houses, it made the perfect place for me… Continue reading

Olympic Park in the Snow

My plan was to get pictures of Seoul’s Olympic Park AFTER it had finished snowing… …but like clockwork it started snowing again when I got there. I didn’t quite get to the iconic… Continue reading

Bukchon Hanok Villlage

One place I’d really like to get to know better, well enough to walk around without a map, is the Bukchon Hanok (traditional Korean house) village. Walking around this area in Northern Seoul,… Continue reading

Christmas in Korea vs Japan

Before coming to South Korea I wondered if there would be any major differences between how Koreans and Japanese celebrate Christmas.  I had heard that in both countries that Christmas is more of… Continue reading

Korea Story

As the end of the semester approaches (I only have three days of my student’s teaching practicum left to grade) I am mapping out how to best spend the two month long winter… Continue reading

Naju Gomtang and Meeting Students

Throughout the semester but especially during the final few weeks of classes I have meet with numerous students on and off campus to help them with their lesson plans. I’ve been told that… Continue reading

Chonnam National University

Last weekend when I went to Gwangju to see my friend’s wedding, I was also able to visit Chonnam National University, the university where I studied abroad, for the first time in eight… Continue reading

Korean Wedding

Last weekend I went to Gwangju City, South Korea, to witness the wedding of a friend. Korean chapel weddings are just as streamlined as I had imagined.  With only about 40 minutes for… Continue reading