Monthly Archive: May, 2013

Jogging Around Seoul

After finally buying a scale and finding out I had lost over 10 pounds just being in Korea, taking public transportation, and eating healthier, I started look for inexpensive ways to lose a… Continue reading

Parent’s Day and Teacher’s Day

There have been a lot of flowers going around lately, thanks to two special holidays in Korea: Parent’s Day and Teacher’s Day. Parent’s Day was May 8th, although at first, in the days… Continue reading

Jongmyo Daeje

I attended the Jongmyo Grand Rite, a Confucian ceremony that has been held for over 600 years in Korea the weekend before least.  Uploading photos on Facebook right after the ceremony, I forgot… Continue reading

My Weekend

After visiting Kat a few weeks ago in Daegu I was inspired to liven up my apartment a bit and put up a map and a bunch of photos from a Korean travel… Continue reading

The Hongdae Area

Hongdae is the area around Hongik University, a university famous for the arts.  Thanks to this, the area around Hongik University has transformed into over the years into a wonderful place for artsy-type… Continue reading

Korean beauty products

Tried on these booties.  Three days later my feet are peeling off! Korea beauty products amaze me.  They have a strong international reputation for quality, but even more amazing is the sheer number… Continue reading

Korea’s Hiking Obsession

Out with the old and in with the new!  Trading my old, beat up backpack for a Korean Starun one.  Never heard of them? Neither have I, but we’ve been finding out lately… Continue reading

Budae Chigae

Ryan and I were lamenting the other day about how we miss living in smaller cities with fewer crowds, fresher air, etc. so I started looking up cities with populations under 500,000 near… Continue reading

Around Nowon

Ryan and I are living in the Nowon ward of Seoul, which is northeastern-most part of the city, and yet it took us two months to visit Nowon station, the main station of… Continue reading

Spring and Summer Plans

I’ve been in a bit of a slump this past week but am going to have to get on the ball quick b/c there’s a lot of upcoming stuff. It looks like I’m… Continue reading