Monthly Archive: March, 2013

On Saturday

On Saturday I went to school to help with the study abroad internship information session, hoping to help convince the students to first and foremost study abroad, if at all possible, and secondly… Continue reading

The Threat of North Korea

Every 1-2 weeks I like to check CNN and Fox News to see what the media coverage for East Asia is looking like, so that I will be better prepared to talk with… Continue reading

The Apartment

Finally getting around to showing pictures of my apartment. I uploaded these photos to facebook some time back, but not everyone is on that site – and I don’t blame them. At any… Continue reading

Always Lucky

Leaving my USB behind in the grad school was a good excuse to take Ryan to school with me, snagging some bibimbap for dinner dashing into the school before it was locked up.… Continue reading


Today I got my foreigner registration card, yesterday I used my debit card for the first time, and with each small step I’m feeling a little more part of Korea. Simply asking how… Continue reading

First pay day

Ryan in his natural habitats (aka mancave) My first pay day couldn’t have come at a better time.  We were down to our last few dollars (or won) that we took with us… Continue reading

My Inspiration (for life and blog alike) Mallory is an amazing young woman I had the pleasure of meeting back in college through various Navigators (a Christian fellowship) events.  After being on the other side of the globe for… Continue reading

Land of the Morning Calm

Land of the Morning Calm With less than a day before our (me and Ryan – my husband) one month anniversary of living in Seoul, I’ve finally decided to update my blog!  Things… Continue reading