Catch Up Time

The days and weeks seem to fly by living in Japan.  I’m not sure why it’s like this, it just is and it’s kind of nice.  It’s already the middle of June.  I got paid and already most of it’s gone to Ryan for his new college courses that will start next week.  I’m into my 3rd week of summer classes with MU, taking two classes, one on using technology in the classroom and the other on teaching reading and writing in content areas.  It took a while to get motivated to begin these classes but I’m getting into the swing of things now. 

On the 14th I was invited to the first dinner/meet and greet for the MU students who will be studying abroad in Iida this summer. It was intersting to be joining the same dinner I went to two years ago only this time I was there not as a student nor a host family, but as an Iida resident and former member of the program.  Most of the students on the program seem pretty cool and I hope they are getting along well despite all the rain and humidity.  I saw a couple of them last weekend along with a couple of good friends from prior study abroad programs at my host family’s parents house.  They treated us all to a Japanese cookout, which was a lot of fun.  It was great to catch up with friends who are now working in Japan, about to start work in Japan, who have studied in Japan this past year, and who have just come back from America.

Thinking about the new MU students in Iida, while it’d be fun to able to spend a summer studying and exploring, I’m happy where I am right now in life.  It’s nice to have a job, to be making my own money and for both Ryan and me to be working towards a good future together.  Ryan and I, by the way, I get along just fine in Japan.  Every morning I wake up and hug him, telling him I don’t want to go to school and would rather stay with him all day.  I try to get home from school fairly quickly to spend time with him; right now we’re in the middle of watching Scrubs, and are also playing some video games together.  We take turns cooking, cleaning and always go shopping together.  Though our routine is alittle strange with me going to work and him staying home, it’s working out well.  I

I like to keep up with US and World and was shocked to hear that John and Kate have gotten divorced.  My mom and I used to watch their show together on TLC and enjoyed watching their kids grow and learn.  That news came as more of a shock to me than news usually does, maybe because I’ve seen the show quite a bit, but maybe because I’m married now.  It seems like something could have been done for them to keep their relationship strong, even if it meant canceling the show.  I can’t ever imagine Ryan and me ever spliting and hope Americans begin taking a harder, longer look at marriage and what can be done to prevent 1 in 2 marriages from ending in divorce.