International Studies Newsletter

One of the things I do at school is try to always keep myself busy.  It passes the time and makes me feel like I’m doing something useful.  One of my recent projects was leading the students in our “Jiji Eigo” class, literally “Current Affairs in English” class, in creating a homeroom newsletter in English.  Since only a portion of the 3rd year international studies students were in this class, we had them pair up with their classmates to create a classroom newsletter everyone could call their own. Everyone put a lot of hard work into this project so if you have time, follow this link and check our newsletter out.  Through this newsletter you can learn a little about Japanese school life and about the international studies program.

Another nice thing about this project is that it gives the students something tangible to show their English proficiency.  When they apply to universities and have interviews with the faculty, they can bring projects like this newsletter along with them.  Applying to universities in Japan is difficult.  Like the US, you have to take a test like the ACT/SAT that strictly determines which universities you can apply to.  Then you have to decide which unversities to apply to and take their own entrance exam, and in the case of some special programs, such as the international studies programs, you have to have an interview in Japanese and/or English.  Everything helps, I suppose, so I hope my students study hard, and dream big.