The rainy season has come to Japan, the summer heat slowly being drenched by the soft pounding of rain.  Along with this comes the realization that summer is upon us and that despite the cloudy skies and wet ground, there is much to prepare for.  Summer is a happily busy time for high school students in Japan.  With the school festival a little more than a month away, I see students doing different things to prepare their school for the biggest event of the year. At the same time, exams are coming up soon so there’s some apprehension in the air as well. 

Possibly more exciting for me though is that the MU (university of Missouri) students have just arrived in Japan and will be coming to Iida on the 14th.   During the next few weeks I’ll be able to meet up with old friends and make some new. 

Also, my summer grad school classes start up on June 8th.  I don’t feel motivated at all right now for summer classes, but with any luck I’ll get into gear by Monday. 🙂