Monthly Archive: April, 2009

Swine Flu and Japan

With everyone (including myself) concerned about Swine Flu, its almost interesting to be a bystander on an island nation where people tend to be very concered over health matters.  (Yet I can never find… Continue reading

My Walk to School

On Tuesdays I go to my visit school, which is Osahime High School, a vocational school located in the Kanae area of Iida City.  It takes me about 40 minutes to walk from… Continue reading

English Day

This Saturday my main high school had it’s own English Day activities for the new first year International Studies program students.  In addition to the two main ALTs that work here, we got… Continue reading

Save the Earth, get in shape!

I just read an interesting article from about how people who are at their optimal weight have a smaller carbon footprint than those who are overweight. It makes complete sense; the less… Continue reading

Poor Economy = More JET Applicants?

I’m starting to think there’s not only a correlation between the economy and lack of ALT jobs in Japan but also that the poor economy is pushing recent college grads and other young… Continue reading

House pics, finally

I need to keep up with the promises I make to my mom and post some pictures of the Japanese house Ryan and I moved into March 1st.  I was only a month… Continue reading

So… you want to teach in Japan?

Recently I’ve received comments from people outside my immediate family and friends looking for advice for teaching in Japan, getting accepted to the JET Program, etc.  To be honest, I’m both surprised and… Continue reading

Spring time

As I was leaving school today, some of the band students were outside  main entrance performing their own little spring concert.  Cherry blossoms were in full bloom around campus with a few single… Continue reading

Finally posting about Osaka

Wow, I’m finally getting around to posting about Osaka. I’ve been a little homesick lately, this being my first birthday at home and Missouri spring that I’ll be missing. Ryan’s more determined than ever… Continue reading

Preparing for the New School Year

You can tell a lot of changes are happening when you see big piles of mess.  Spring cleaning has a different meaning in Japan as this is the time when teachers switch schools,… Continue reading