Monthly Archive: August, 2008

Week 1

Week one has come and gone; it’s Friday, right? The weekend is mine? Overall, it’s been a good first week. Only have to visit my fixed schedule classes, I got to learn about my schedule… Continue reading

Polar Opposites

This weekend I visited the Imada ningyo (bunraku) troupe on my own for the first time, and am here to officially state that my Japanese is horrible.  They had a special meeting on… Continue reading

My Apartment

I’ve been meaning to do this for a while, so here it goes. Here’s a brief tour of my apartment.  I took these pictures during the first week so already it looks different.… Continue reading

Nigakki Hajimete

With the opening ceremonies coming and going, the 2nd semester has officially begun. Since the Japanese school year starts in April, assistant language teachers not from Asia begin after a third of the… Continue reading

Another festival

Apparently when it’s hot, Japanese people make excuses to stay out late to beat the heat, hence there’s a lot of summer festivals in the evenings. Yesterday I went to Ichida’s summer festival,… Continue reading

Himeji/Kobe Post-Op

I took my first two days of nenkyu (paid vacation) on Thursday and Friday, choosing to head down to visit my friend and her family in Himeji and Kobe, two of the many cities… Continue reading

Daily happenings

After surviving a rather quiet day of work, minus my brief encounter with the Hip Hop Dance club at school, I decided the best thing to do would be to go home and… Continue reading

Nagano meeting post-op

The meeting ended and I’m happy to be back in Iida.  The end.  (or not)  Giving the speech was nerve-wrecking of course; the second I slipped up, I went from being mildly nervous to… Continue reading

Public Speaking…

As of late, the head of the Japanese puppetry troupe I’ve joined has made a point to brag about me then force me to speak publically in front of a room of Japanese… Continue reading

1st Week Mishaps and Culture Shocks

A trip abroad wouldn’t be a trip abroad without a few mishaps and culture shock moments. Those who say they never experienced any culture shock are LIARS, but culture shock isn’t usually as… Continue reading