Monthly Archive: July, 2008

Chicago Orientation

The Pre-Departure Orientation and reception came and went, consisting of a few memorable moments and people. 187 people are departing for JET from Chicago, which I believe is the most people from any embassy… Continue reading

Chicago Bound

Tomorrow we leave around 5am for Chicago, opting to take the ~7 hour drive rather than flying from KC or StL. My last day in Jefferson City was all too ordinary, but it was… Continue reading


After a memorable trip to Kansas City and Branson, Missouri, of all places, I find myself back home with only a little more than a week left until Japan.  The same things I’ve been putting off are… Continue reading

Household Takeover

The living room and dining room of my house lay in ruins as I attempt to pack a years worth of clothing and other necessities into two suitcases and a carryon or two.  There’s much one… Continue reading

Visas and Job Hunting in Japan

Obviously being a first timer to the job scene in Japan, I’m no expert on the matter.  I will however, give you a few links and advice on how you can find a… Continue reading

The Countdown

On June 29th, Japan seemed forever away, as though I had all the time in the world to be lazy and put off the 3 p’s: paperwork, packing, and planning.  It was around… Continue reading